Sarajevo’s central outdoor market, also known as the Markale, 1997. On 5 February 1994, between 12:10-12:15 CET, the Republika Srpska army targeted the Markale with mortars, killing 68 people and injuring 144. On 28 August 1995, they attacked the market again, this time killing 43 people and wounding 75 others. The house facade next to the market shows the scars of the attacks.

A slightly different perspective, November 2018. The sign on the wall has not changed but the damage from the shelling has been covered. The Markale, which stayed open throughout the siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996), has been given a roof and a more modern look, catering for a more demanding line of customers than those that used to come to only buy vegetables and fruit there.