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About me

My background is in journalism and media relations. I work in photography but also in text formats and film, depending on the project. My interests are in documentary and in street photography, but I have recently added also the more poetic long form of story-based essays to my work. 

My favourite form of expression is in either stark black and white or strong, expressive colours. I use both depending on the story and how the style best expresses the emotions behind the story.

My base is in Vienna, Austria but I work internationally.

Communication Agency: Go Engage

Work on Getty Images and Alamy

Entry into artist directory at reFocus Awards.


2017 - Werkschau at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna

2005 - Exit No Entry, exhibition in Prague


People's Vote at reFocus Awards, One Shot Photo Contest 2022

Silver Award at reFocus Awards, Black and White Contest 2022

This photo? A row of phone booths in Cairo, Egypt, in the 1990s.

But to reach me these days, please send  a mail via the form below, I'll respond quickly. Or DM me on IG or FB.

I am based in Vienna, Austria, but available for assignments anywhere.

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